Skin Treat App

Role : UX/ UI Designer/  UX researcher

Duration : February – March 2022 

Tools : Figma/ Notion

Project Context

In general awareness, people switched purchasing to online after Covid pandemic. People using online shopping as intense advertising activities. We have many options as personal choice (eg. organic, vegan and cruelty-free…etc)

What makes me design this app?

I like find new & nice skin care product as organic, vegan and cruelty-free. I like online shopping as well, which is easy and quick to search as using filter. These my interests made me create Skin treat.

The idea

I had an idea of creating a universal skin care app for users who care about the harmful effects of chemicals and synthetic products. People tend to buy natural, organic and cruelty-free labeling, which drives market growth. Cruelty-free products gathers attention, we can see a lot of cruelty-free labeling lately. Hope this app helps for anyone who is looking for product with/without basic skincare knowledge.


Qualitative Research

Do you tend to buy natural or organic labeling?
Do you have something preferences of product?
Do you know how to care and prevent skin problem?
Are you satisfied your skin care routine?
How do you find skin care product?
Have you had frustration when you reading review of the product?
Do you have stress of skin care?

Quantitive Research

“>Do you have specific preference?
Do you prefer shop online?
Are you satisfied your current skin care product/ routine?

User Journey

Uer Personas

Problem statement (YURI)‍

Yuri is busy professional as stylist. Sleep time is less than 5 hours and get quite a lot of stress on work. Yuri doesn’t have any idea what should start to change the routine.She needs managing her routine on the app.

Problem statement (ANI)

Ani is a busy professional but also part-times student living in London. She needs an app which she can read most recent and reliable review because she’s frustrating with reading a lot of recent review before buying the products.


Onboarding & Personalize

Onboarding screen, users select their skin type, skin concern and skin goals so users can start using app straightway that can be reflected their customs.Personalization is one of UX and functionality with which users may customize the features according to their personal preferences.

User Journey

Throughout onboarding screen, users make personalized profile and users start searching product. Skin treat already able to recommend the products to the users which match users concern/ skin type.

Competitive Audit


Paper wireframes



Review page

4/ 5 participants think review page is useful, but needs more navigation to see reviews quickly. Also the app concept is sharing. Every user should be able to write the product review on review screen.

Routine page

3/ 5 participants like making own routine and archive a goal on the app. There’s a link of jump to the product shopping page so users can go to the product website and buy the product when need.

Search page

3/5 participants used icon tubs on search page. icon tubs make search the product easily and quickly. Most of users preference covers icon tubs. For example, Vegan, Cruelty-free.


I’ve learned how important that thinking about user pain points and usability study.
Everything in UX design is all about for the users. Sometimes the designers have to know the background of users, also society and economy which might be influenced to users pain points.

Key takeaway

  1. Conduct another round of usability studies.
  2. Get feedback and review then iterating.

Iterate (2023)